The goal of our foundation:

■ Health care, disease prevention, healing-, health rehabilitation activities, scientific activities, research

■ modernizing the departments and procure devices, instruments, medicines, etc. needed to treat newborns, premature babies and children in need of treatment at DOTE Children's Clinic's Neonatology Intensive Department
■ with supporting the research on diseases
■ supporting conferences and specialized training courses for doctors and nurses to help raising professional standards
■ in the case of the placement of children in the hopsital, helping the hopsitalization and helping to ensure children-parent continuous contact

Founder: Katalin Soltés

Advisory board:

head of the Intensive Department of Neonatology at the Clinic of Medicine, University of Debrecen:
Dr. Andrea Nagy

Dr. Erika Bálega
Dr. István Pataki

The foundation is open to both Hungarian and foreign natural and legal persons and individuals without legal personality to join.

The foundation is non-political, does not engage in direct political activity, it's organisation is independent of any parties, it does not give any financial support to parties and does not recieve any from them.
Does not support or set up parliamentary, country, metropolitan and local candidates.

The foundation is established for an indefinite period. If the foundation ceases to exist, DOTE Children's clinic will get all the remaining fortune.